Top 10 Celebrity Diets

October 21, 2016  

You see them in magazines or on TV. Your favorite celebrities appear looking slim and in great shape? But how do they do it? Most will think they have a team of personal chefs, trainers and nutritionist that help them watch what they eat and get them in great shape but you’ll be surprise to know that many celebrities get their great figure by going on a diet that you can go on too. Below are popular diet programs that celebrities have done themselves that YOU can also do. There are many types of diets such as meal... 

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Success Stories

Jennifer lost 50lbs.

Jay lost 40lbs.

Chelly lost 90lbs

Erin lost 79lbs.

Brian lost 42lbs.

Featured Diet

featured diet

Nutrisystem Advanced

See why Nutrisystem is our Featured Diet! With an easy to follow diet, along with thousands of successful people and even celebrities who have lost weight, it's easy to see why Nutrisystem is our Featured Diet. [Read more]

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Got A Question?

Then ask it! Ask your diet questions and our members will do their best to help you out! Join our growing community here at DiscoverDiets and share and help others just like you who want to change their lives. [Read more]